All hospitality voice, video & data communication

on a single seamless network infrastructure

and all Managed Services

from a single provider

It’s time to utilize the full potential
of your network infrastructure


Reach far beyond the traditional 10/100 framework with the most robust solutions now available from “Ruckus Wireless” and “HP Procurve”. 24/7 Network Monitoring means maximum uptime for your customers and staff.


Redwood provides VOIP and legacy PBX services specializing in lodging, multi-tenant and healthcare enviroments. As a “Mitel Hospitality Partner”, we provide outstanding Mitel sales and service.


Next generation video security with server-based Video Management System utilizing megapixel (HD) IP CCTV cameras on converged networks. As a “Milestone Systems” authorized dealer, we provide superior VMS solutions for our customers.

Enhanced Data Networks

Gigabit Ethernet Networks for Wireless and Wireline Applications

Our network solutions reach far beyond the traditional 10/100 framework to supply our clients with the most robust offerings now available from HP Procurve and Ruckus Wireless.

These all-gigabit networks have no internal bottlenecks and, our HSIA headend and gateway server solutions measure 95+% pass through from the bandwidth provider to the client networks.

These best-of-breed solutions deliver guest satifaction scores of over 90% for HSIA on a recurring basis. Please ask for references.

24/7 Guest Helpdesk Support

Our in-house tier 2 and tier 3 helpdesk support is available 24 hours a day and comes with an average answer period of less than 30 seconds. No lengthy waiting periods for your guest support and, being connected to an in house support specialist means no guessing about the configuration or particular components of your specific network. We get your guest logged on and provide continued check in support for the duration of their stay with you. Satisfaction always sells more rooms.

Network Monitoring and Content Filtering

Our network monitoring and content filtering provisions allow us to provide the proactive support that Redwood has become well known for throughout the industry. No calls from your ISP threatening to take down your bandwidth due to peer-to-peer music and video file sharing. Redwood provides email relay and spam filtering which prevents the ISP from possibly blacklisting your property. These are just a few of the tremendous value added features you receive when you bring your data needs to Redwood.

Ruckus Wireless

HP Pro Curve

Tripp Lite

Redwood Systems

RSG.nets Custom Server and Portal Solutions


A full service Mitel partner since May 2002, we install and maintain the telecom assets of management companies, ownership and brands as a “Mitel Hospitality Partner” on a nationwide basis. Redwood provides intensive support for a multitude of systems from the original Mitel SX-200 through today's latest clustered, multi-site MCD offerings.


Redwood Systems Group has years of experience with sales and service of the following:

  • Mitel
  • Hitachi Telecom
  • Avaya/AT&T/Lucent Guest Works
  • Connected Guests     Connected Guest
  • InnLine 2020 / InnCharge
  • Centigram/Baypoint
  • Intuity/AUDIX
  • Metropolis Technologies Profitwatch
  • HOMISCO preferred partner    HOMISCO preferred partner
  • Tel-Electronics
  • @comm/Summa/XIOX
  • Vtech Guestroom technology    Vtech Guestroom technology
  • TeleMatrix
  • Teledex
  • Cetis
  • Bittel
  • AES
  • Aastra
  • Polycom

Redwood Systems Group will design a custom services agreement to cover your software assurance and engineering fees thus eliminating the loss of investment returns caused by obsolescence and diminished performance. We ensure optimal performance of your technology thus allowing your guest and staff to leverage and enjoy your tech investments.

Managed Service Agreements for voice, video and data.

Increase your level of guest satisfaction by changing your voice video and data service needs to Redwood Systems Group. From our very beginning as a systems integrator we have focused on service to our clients. We understand hospitality and we know exactly what it is you need to make your business plan a successful one. Our 24 hour inhouse staffed tier 2 and tier 3 support specialist can assist you with any of your properties needs relating to our core competencies of voice pbx, hsia wired and wireless, and cctv video security.

24 Hour All Inclusive Helpdesk

Brand Experience

Redwood Systems Group has years of experience in helping healthcare and assisted living facilities reach their voice, wired and wireless data and security needs. We now have a large and growing number of facilities under managed service agreements and the list continues to grow.
If your facility is in need of an experienced company with real hands on knowledge in this arena please contact us for a no obligation walk thru.

Healthcare and Assisted Living

Video Security

Video Security is a core competency as both a vendor and systems integrator.

Security for your property and for the well-being of your guest and employees is increasingly important. Redwood has the ability to work for your property in several different ways to provide you with the most cost efficient solution while maintaining the goals for system renovation/replacement.

We provide the following:

  • Custom Video Server solutions both for storage and viewing capabilities
  • Best of Breed video software applications allowing for facial recognition, license plate capture, or general monitoring of key inside and outside locations.
  • Camera solutions by system design experts that match security needs with camera performance
  • Low voltage infrastructure with emphasis on modern LAN standards

Milestone Open Platform

You call, we answer...

Redwood Systems Group is on call 24/7/365 for your critical systems maintenance and repair. Fast moving projects with minimal leadtime? No problem, we specialize in fast turnaround for last minute projects.

Hospitality Solutions

Case Study

Although on a larger scale, The Allerton Hotel Chicago is a typical example of how Redwood can benefit an ownership group by supplying Voice, HSIA, and CCTV. These three critical technology functions are all supplied by a single vendor who has direct responsibility and answers for all 3 when called 24x7x365. The property loves the streamlined vendor quotient, the outstanding service and the cost savings of having a single vendor solution.

Corporate properties

We work with Corporately owned and managed properties and our biggest achievements are often when existing properties have been under the management of a “national provider”. As we walk in the door we see Band-Aids hanging everywhere. If you need a nationwide vendor who does competently deliver successful technology solutions look to us.

Boutique properties

Our start with many of our clients was as a result of the growth of the Boutique Hotel Industry. From the PUBLIC Chicago by Ian Schrager to the WhiteHall Hotel Chicago we definitely have the solid experience to work with you on your independent hotel project.

Resort properties

Our resort clients love our multiple core competencies because many of them are somewhat remote and a single vendor who can refresh and manage both voice, data and video is a big time plus for them. they get back to guest and managing a resort and we love helping clients achieve their goals.

Redwood Systems Group; a single vendor solution

Customers appreciate the value and convenience of having a single vendor such as Redwood Systems Group to manage critical Voice, HSIA and CCTV systems across all properties and markets. Such a broad range of competencies is rarely found.

Future Proof Your Property

We all now know after years of trying to make the smartest investments and most well thought out strategies that it is just not possible to future proof a property.

However, it is possible with a proven winner like Redwood to secure an IT solutions provider that gives you as good a shot as any out there. Our sheer strength from years of experience in technology applications suitable for lodging institutions of all types make us a sure footed partner in times of technology’s rapid moves forward. We’ve seen it all from the single computer kiosk that will do it all to the single Cat5 totally converged network back to multiple non converged networks.

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